New Tampa Dance Theatre Reviews

“After searching North Tampa for a dance studio that provided quality instruction while offering a variety of classes and times for our oldest daughter, we decided upon NTDT. After one class, she was hooked and enrolling her at NTDT has been one of the best decisions that we have made as parents. Her instruction in various art forms has surpassed our expectations and her enthusiasm and passion for dance has deepened while learning proper technique and gaining self-confidence and poise. Most important is that she has fun and leaves each class with a smile. The difference with NTDT is that they really do, and can, meet the needs of any dancer. Whether it’s our youngest daughter who takes only one class or the dancer that’s there five days a week, each is directed and guided by Dyane and the rest of the knowledgeable and caring staff to be the best that they can be.”

~Shannon Wilary

“As soon as I walked in the studio, it felt like walking into a professional dance company, I was super impressed with the groups I taught; the students showed a high level of commitment, discipline and very strong technique. What impressed me the most was their versatility of movement thanks to their training in every dance style. I had the opportunity to teach them classical and contemporary and they were as technically strong in ballet as they were fluid in contemporary. It’s so refreshing to see students at such a young age with that level of professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with such beautiful young dancers and I would love to return and set choreography for them.”

 Rebeca Canchani, an award-winning choreographer and principal dancer with Ballet Concierto in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for 10 years (and currently with CODA 21 Puerto Rico)

~Rebeca Canchani

“Our daughter started at NTDT when she was just 3 years old. Six years later, she has moved up to the Leveled program where she is taking ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop. It’s so convenient with all of the classes offered in one location. The level of instruction is so good that a number of their former students have received college scholarships for dance. As a result of the yearly NTDT recitals at USF, our daughter loves performing on stage and has absolutely no stage fright. This has carried over to school where she is comfortable making presentations to her classmates and participating in yearly school plays. Dyane, Troy and the other instructors have worked patiently with her to improve her technique and posture. They have kept us informed of her progress and skills she needs to work on along the way. She looks forward to every class and is constantly practicing moves at home. We are so happy we found NTDT!”

~Paula Nelson

“We all would like to thank you for their first year at your studio.  NTDT was very professional in every way and the instructor was a great delight towards teaching our daughters.”

~Mrs. Bates

“My daughters, Rachel (16) and Elizabeth (14) have been dancing since 2002, and with the New Tampa Dance Theatre since 2004. Under Dyane’s guidance, they have grown into confident, mature, strong dancers, with discipline and respect, not only for their dance instructors, but for their peers as well. The friends they’ve made at dance are their closest friends, and they thoroughly enjoy their time in the studio. They feel privileged to perform in the community, and look forward to ‘The Nutcracker.’”

~Lisa Laches

“My daughter LOVED it!  That evening we went to the older dancer’s show and she was dancing in the aisle.  She wants to take as many classes as possible.  Thank you!”

~Kim Jamieson

“I have been a student and taken a couple of adult dance classes; 80’s Hip Hop, Ballet, and Tap. All of the teachers were fun, engaging, and made sure that you not only learned, but that you had a good time. I was nervous taking a class without knowing anyone, but everyone soon made me feel like family. Every single person that I have interacted with is professional, friendly, and makes sure that you feel welcome; all ages and dance levels. They even included the adult tap class in their Spring performance and it was the best experience and so much fun. Troy is a great tap teacher and I would not have had the courage to get on stage if it weren’t for his teaching.

Besides my personal experience, I was able to see some of the other classes and they are professional and the girls are respectful and self-disciplined. When I have kids, I will send them there.”

~Jessica Vergara

“NTDT’s professional staff encourages strong technique while still having fun. As a parent, I feel this is very important, as it solidifies a positive self-image during their school years.  Krista has been dancing with NTDT for 11 years and because of her training, she has been accepted and has attended and performed with some of the top national dance companies during her summer breaks from school.  Thank you NTDT!”

~Randi Guerne

“What sets NTDT apart from other studios or “lessons” at local schools is NTDT teaches true technique in the art of dance.  My daughter is learning the specific fundamentals and technique of ballet and tap dance.  These skills can be used throughout her life outside the dance studio.  It is an investment in her character and development.  Basically, NTDT ROCKS!”

~Melody Seoane

“What started as a fun activity for a toddler has turned into a passion for the world of dance. Taylor started dancing at (NTDT) at the age of three. Almost a decade later, not only has she matured into a talented dancer, she also is an honor student and community volunteer with a desire to help others. The staff at NTDT is not only teaching the fundamentals of dance, but also developing life skills that will (help Taylor become) a responsible, self-confident person.”

~Angie Sposato

“My daughter, who is nearly 8, has been attending classes at NTDT since she was 3.  It has been an extremely gratifying and positive experience, teaching her discipline, self confidence, and both teamwork and individual accomplishment.  Dyane, Troy and their team are exceptional professionals who make the experience fun and rewarding.  All of their productions, from the year end recitals to The Nutcracker performance, The Tea Party and community outreach events are all first class in nature and reflect their dedication and professionalism.  Enrolling her was one of the best decisions I made for her growth and development.”


“For the 9 years Mikayla has been dancing with NTDT, we have seen a beautiful dancer emerge.  Thanks for all the encouragement and interactions!  We have enjoyed being part of the family!  NTDT is great!!”